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A Guide to ABRSM and Trinity Initial Grades

Embarking on a musical journey often commences with the Initial Grade – a fundamental assessment tailored for beginners. Two widely acclaimed examination boards, ABRSM and Trinity, frequently stand out for those seeking comprehensive music evaluations.

Let's delve into the essentials and nuances that set them apart.

The Significance of Initial Grade

The Initial Grade serves as an entry-level assessment, meticulously designed to assess foundational skills and nurture musical understanding for beginners. Before embarking on Initial Grade preparation, our experienced teachers provide a bespoke program introducing students to their chosen instrument, covering essential basics to ensure a strong start.

Both ABRSM and Trinity are esteemed examination boards, sharing the common goal of cultivating a profound love for music and laying a robust foundation for each student's unique musical journey. Despite their shared objective, there are subtle differences that can impact the choice between the two.

Differentiating Factors

Exam Structures:

  • ABRSM: Three pieces, scales, arpeggios, sight-reading, and aural tests

  • Trinity: Pieces, technical work, supporting tests (sight-reading or aural), and an examiner discussion.

Both offer not only in-person but also digital examination or repertoire only pathway in which repertoire requirement slightly differ. Other differences also include their grading systems and theory tests.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing between ABRSM and Trinity hinges on individual preferences and goals. To receive personalised advice tailored to your unique musical aspirations, we invite you to book a free consultation with our experienced teachers. This step will guide you towards the examination board that aligns best with your musical journey.

Book Your Free Consultation


To make the right choice and receive tailored advice, follow here to book your free consultation. Our dedicated teachers are ready to support you on your musical odyssey, ensuring a harmonious and enriching experience.



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